Vicious (2008)

Untitled (2008)

Untitled (2014)

Untitled (2014)

I made these woollen creatures not too long ago. If you really like these animals and if you happen to live in the Netherlands: they are for sale at a shop in Zwolle called Blauwdruck.You can find more info about the shop here (unfortunately in Dutch only): (currently under construction)

The pond (2010)

Attraction (2009)

White room (2009)

The conversation (2009)

Unused sketch for a commission (2013)

A gift for my aunt (2014).

Plant sketches (2014)


Cynthia Lim

Bottled Up (2009)

I made this poster for Arka Oda in Istanbul.

Nine months ago the game called ibb and obb was released for the Playstation Network. I designed one of the several secret levels scattered throughout the game. When the level is completed, the colours of the level will change. (The screenshots show the level when it was almost finished. The strange block in the left bubble has been removed. :))

On the 26th of May 2014, ibb and obb will be released on Steam. If you haven’t played it yet: I highly recommend this game! It’s all about co-op play in a very charming and wonderful world.

For more info about the game:

My previous post about ibb and obb:

Some of my followers may already know these drawings, some of them may not. Sorry for the lack of posts everyone. I will update with new work in the near future, so stay tuned. :)

Brother and Sister (2008)

Déjà vu (2008)

Pompous (2008)